Sunday, July 24, 2011


If women feel at risk with the Conservatives in power federally for four more years let's draw strength from the women of Ontario in 1990 - and with luck again in 2011.

A New Democratic Party government reigned at Queen's Park.  Here's a description from p.16 of the book Women, Power, Politics - The Hidden Story of Canada's Unfinished Democracy, by Sylvia Bashevkin:
"Among the highest percentages ever of women in a government caucus or cabinet were those in the Ontario NDP, between 1990 and 1995. Caucus included 20 women (out of 74 members or 27%) at least half of whom had been active in second-wave feminist organizations."

Add to that the fact that 11 women were appointed to a Cabinet of 26, which meant women held 42.3% of the portfolios.

"What did the Ontario NDP government accomplish?  It widened childcare provision, increased funding for shelters for battered women, raised the minimum wage, strengthened pay equity laws, and legalized midwifery."

So much for 20 years ago.  Now the NDP has a constructive, articulate, and smart woman leader and lots of women candidates.

I say we can't lose.

from Edna Toth
Chair of Peel Poverty Action Group
Mississauga-Streetsville NDP exec
Mississauga Citizen of the Year 2011

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