Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EI reform. Really?

The Conservative government is giving its clearest signal yet that a hard line is coming on employment insurance.  Once again the focus of the conservative government  is on cost control.   This is the same caged thinking that arrives at mega-prisons as a good idea. 
Canada has suffered under this approach of  treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause from decades of Liberal and Conservative governments.  It has proven to be a recipe for inertia at best, and has resulted in the slow decline of Canadian society and the quality of life and standard of living for the majority of Canadians.

It is time to stop addressing the symptom of rising  and chronic unemployment with draconian measures to control the cost of EI by redefining “suitable work”. 

Why not show leadership and vision?   Rather than “punish” those who find themselves unemployed, let’s tackle the issues that cause unemployment in the first place.  Why not try a different approach – an approach with a vision to enrich Canadian society for all and develop a work environment filled with hope and opportunity?

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