Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doubling down on dumb!

Once again the conservative government seems incapable or unwilling to make decisions to create a better Canada – this time with regards to immigration.

While the immigration minister acknowledges that Canada needs more skilled immigrants, he is only prepared to welcome more once the statistics for existing migrants improve – statistics that are the result of years of inadequate policies from Liberal and Conservative governments. This is akin to the old adage: "Punishment will continue until performance improves".

Innovative thinking is required to remove constraints to Canadian growth. What is needed is immediate action to increase the immigration for skilled and professional workers coupled with programs to:
·         facilitate an on-ramp to productive employment in their area of expertise
·         provide a fast-track process to attain Canadian accreditation for their qualifications (starting before they reach Canada)
·         provide ESL / FSL training as required

With such programs in place the rest of the world would see Canada as a country that not only welcomes new immigrants but also provides real opportunity for them to be productive and successful in their new home. Over time these programs would also rectify the statistics that the immigration minister is rightly concerned about.

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